Childhood Summit

This inaugural summit will be held in Brisbane in 2019, and continue annually, moving around Australia, augmenting the child-centric conversation, by-in and systemic change for children. 

The 2019 Childhood Summit Theme

This year’s host is Nature Play QLD and therefore the dominant theme for this summit with be ‘play’ especially outdoors.  

The Childhood Summit will bring together thought leaders, gatekeepers, key influencers and practitioners across the community at large. The results will contribute to the national conversation and movement towards actions that will protect our children’s overall health, wellbeing, life satisfaction, and the planet as well as increase the connectedness and cohesiveness of our communities, as well rally around our young. 

The 3 days Will Provide You

  • Streams of the Summit include Childhood and Health, Environment, Community, Infrastructure and Education 

  • The Child’s Voice- hearing daily from children 

  • Keynote addresses from leaders across the globe 

  • Practical action-based workshop & walk-shops 

  • Childhood In Action Tours

  • Loose Parts Pop-Up Playground 

Childhood Summit 2019 Flyer

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As playful as it sounds the term PUZZLE was used to highlight the complexities facing modern childhood as well as draw attention to the many individual pieces of the puzzle or areas of modern living that interlink, cross-over but inevitably restrict children’s ability to play and therefor their health, wellbeing, and life satisfaction.


These barriers cross many areas of society - Education, Health, Infrastructure, Community and Environment to name few.


Restriction of children’s play are largely enacted in the home, but modern messaging, policies and processes within institutions and departments have backed grown-ups into corners, left with little options but to shrink the horizons of children in the name of safety.


The well-intentioned grown-ups have created all the complexities and barriers for children to something as simple as play. Now it is time to come together and create the solutions.

The Heart of Childhood Summit.


This tagline, pun and play on words, as well as the image is used to highlight several very important considerations at the heart of the mission of the Childhood Summit


Like all puzzles, all pieces are required to create a complete solution. All pieces of the puzzle need to work together, find their place in the solution and keep children’s development at the heart of the matter. The Childhood Summit hopes to bring together the individual pieces of the puzzle, to begin rebuilding a complete picture of childhood and be part to be of the solution.

Exploring the issues for children, hearing stories of innovation and success, examining latest research and hearing directly from children. This is the heart of the Childhood Summit.


If you are part of the puzzle of childhood, then you are part of the solution. 


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