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Logan children, we need to hear what is important to you! 

A lot of us grown-ups are very concerned for today’s children. We are worried that us grown-ups might be changing all the best parts of being a child.


We would like to hear directly from you, young people (3 to 14 years old).  






40 children will be the chosen to be ‘The voice of childhood’ and represent children in at the National 2023 Childhood Summit, 23 & 24 June at Griffith University Logan Campus. 

All child voice applications videos will be used to deliver messages to grown-ups and promote what you want to say.


The young persons selected to be the ‘Voice of Childhood’ will receive:

  1. Opportunity to deliver presentation (up to 10 minutes) at the 2023 Childhood Summit in Logan to an audience of up to 250 very interested grown-ups who work with children.

  2. Video recording of your presentation to keep.

  3. Speaker’s payment of $220 (inclusive of GST).

  4. 10 Childhood Summit tickets for your family and friends to come see you speak.


2023 Childhood Summit theme:

- Secret Lives of Children - 

What Adults Need to Know

This year’s theme hopes to invite children to share their wisdom and insights and let grown-up’s in, on the worlds they inhabit. This will:

  • Showcase the diversity of issues facing modern young people in the neighbourhoods and communities they live.

  • Demonstrate the wisdom of young people and their valuable solutions and contributions to wicked problems.

  • Provide children a pathway for contribution to our communities.

  • Support children to grow into active, engaged community citizens who strongly value the land, the people and community. 

  • Support grown-ups’ to make better decision with and for young people

  • Raise awareness of the limited opportunities children have in this modern world, to feel heard, validated and valued.

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2021 Childhood Summit - Child Voice Applications

2021 Childhood Summit - Child Voice Applications
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2021 - Lana, MacKenzie,  Savannah

2021 - Lana, MacKenzie, Savannah

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2021- Ryleigh

2021- Ryleigh

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2021 - Tayla

2021 - Tayla

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2021 - Kassandra 11

2021 - Kassandra 11

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