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Q & As

These forums welcome audience participation and we welcome you to submit a question for this Q&A at the allocated submission boxes. If you can't find these boxes, just ask one of the friendly helpers on the day!

Thursday 28 October, 1.35pm

"Life as a parent in a Neighbourhood Play Network"

Explore the ins-and-outs of parenting children of a Neighbourhood Play Network.

Panellists: Michelle Christensen, Emma Shamoun & Rizza Seminara 

Thursday 28 October, 3.25pm

"How to go beyond preaching to the converted"

Facilitated panel made-up of gatekeepers to children play. As gatekeepers to children’s play, how do we honour the child’s voice? This conversation will be reflection point.


Come have your say. How are we doing at shaping the neighbourhoods that will support children to celebrate who they are now as well as help them grow into the functional grown-ups of tomorrow?

Friday 29 October, 9.30am

"On the couch with Aunty Faith"

Hyahno chats with a local First Nations Elder to learn more about families and Free Play in the Community.

Friday 29 October, 2.25pm

"Logan Play Story"

Come hear from the children of the Neighbourhood Play Network and what it means to them to be able to play where they live.

Panellists: Indy (9), Alice (10), Clarke (10), Isla (7), Taya (11), Addi (3) and Sahara (3). 

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