Dr. Rachael Sharman

Senior Lecturer and Researcher in psychology, at the University of the Sunshine Coast

Maggie Dent

Author, Educator, Parenting and Resilience Specialist 

This will be a robust dialogue, between the facilitators and the audience, centering on emergent issues facing modern children. This feature of the summit focuses on the tough conversations surrounding childhood.


The facilitators will endeavour to tackle the issues too-hot-to-handle and mostly avoided. While research will inform parts of this session, our stories, heart-felt experiences, honesty and bravery to speak-up will make this session powerful and thought provoking and potentially paradigm shifting.

Evolution & Childhood- How can we ensure outdoor play remains?  



What are you seeing? What are you hearing? What is your experience?


Is it a myth or a reality that outdoor play is disappearing from childhood? Are we over focused on screen time, or are we getting the balance right? Is childhood in the middle of evolving outdoor play out of the picture of the child’s world? What role will outdoor play have in modern childhood? Has outdoor play become the latest fitness regime for children, or is it a strong source of intrinsic joy? Or is it not in the picture at all?   


Come help Maggie Dent and Dr. Rachael Sharman explore this divisive issue and join the conversation to build an better understanding of what is the reality of outdoor play for modern children.

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