Jason Smith

Principal, Tamborine Mountain State School

Jason is an educational innovator, contemporary leader and community developer influencing child-centric learning.  

•   Principal Blackall P-12 SS
•   Head of Department – English 
•   Panel Chair – Senior English (South Coast and Central Queensland Regions)


Have been named The Educator’s 2018 Hot List – yearly roundup of the most influential figures in Australian education.


Principal of 2018 Australian Primary School of the Year (Govt) – Australian Education Awards

Childhood Summit 2019 Keynote - Education -

Student-Centred Learning  

Day 2 Morning - Keynote

Jason Smith has a question for you.

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Student-Centred Learning 

Keynote Synopsis

Imagine a classroom where all students are engaged learners who set goals and monitor their progress. 

In a competency-based education classroom that delivers personalised learning, teachers and students must shift the way they view teaching and learning. 

Tamborine Mountain State School’s teaching and learning environment is shaped by our Student-centered approaches to learning to maximise what we know about HOW students learn! My philosophy is that personalised learning STARTS with the LEARNER, which echoes the research reported by R.Marzano, J.Hattie and C.Dweck. 

Teachers embrace the learner’s past experiences, prior knowledge and understanding of key concepts at the learning entry point and emphasise that motivation and engagement as central to learning. We harness the full range of learning experiences at all times of the day, week & year by expanding and reshaping the role of the teacher. Teachers and students set clear expectations and goals around their teaching and learning and students are challenged to expand their minds by making real world connections and planning for the future. 

We offer both indoor and outdoor learning environments and flexible seating / standing options for students, which caters for all learning styles. At TMSS we determine student progression based upon MASTERY of skills, not chronological age. 


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