Lukas Ritson

The Outdoor Educator

Lukas is fondly known as The Outdoor Educator. He is a father of two, sustainability educator and the co-founder of Wearthy, previously Own Grown Organics. More importantly, Lukas is passionate about the outdoors, community sustainability, and children’s development. With a background in early childcare as an Outdoor Educator, Lukas has developed and implemented successful outdoor programs that nurture sustainable development. Today, he shares these learnings at seminars, conferences and private trainings across Australia.

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Childhood Summit 2019 Childhood In Practise - Workshop - Infrastructure -

Day 1 Afternoon - Childhood in Practice - Early Childhood - Adventurous Workshop on Play with Angus Gorrie

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Childhood in Practice

Adventurous Workshop on Play with Angus Gorrie

Angus Gorrie, a seasoned education worker and PD/Conference presenter on all things relating to healthy childhood development, has led many an outdoor adventure camp or fishing trip with kids – immersing them in nature to teach resilience, respect and compassion.

Lukas Ritson, a sustainability educator, speaks around the globe at education conferences and childcare centres but in his spare time creates natural learning environments that connect children with nature and all types of play to meet their individual needs.  

Both share a deep passion for childhood development incorporating risky play and embracing nature. They are both huge advocates of play and believe infinitely in every child’s rite to play.

This workshop explores play types (particularly loose parts), risky play and how to create an environment that encourages prolonged learning.