Robyn Monro Miller

President, International Play Association

Robyn is a former child with 48 years experience in the world of play. The highlight of her play career being the building of unsafe structures in trees and spying on her neighbours.


In her adult life she has resorted to working in the field of school age care to reclaim some of the magic of those early years but has over 30 years experience working across the community in locale. With qualifications in education, children’s services, community management, and training and workplace assessment she is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and seminars across Australia and internationally as well as a spokesperson on children's issues in the National media.

In 2012 Robyn was part of the international delegation to the United Nations in Geneva to progress the development of the UN General Comment on Article 31 “The child’s right to play”. In 2013, Robyn facilitated an International World Café on Article 31 at the official launch in Geneva of the General Comment. Most recently in 2016 she was in Geneva for the International Day of Discussion on children and the natural environment and worked on the IPA project “Under the same sky”.


A member of the International Play Association since attending her first IPA conference in Melbourne in 1993, Robyn was formally co-opted to the position of Vice President of the International Play Association in 2012. In taking on the role of President in 2017, Robyn became the first Australian to hold that position in the 56-year history of the International Play Association.

Childhood Summit 2019 Keynote - Community -

Tread Softly. Children at Play

Day 1 Afternoon - Thought Leader Forum - Community

Day 1 Afternoon - Keynote

Day 2 Afternoon - Play Policy Symposium - BIG PICTURE with Griffin Longley

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Tread Softly. Children at Play

Keynote Synopsis

Play is suddenly getting noticed - but what really is play and are the efforts of well meaning adults placing it on the endangered list? 

Drawing on international perspectives and examples  Robyn will explore the concept of play and challenge us to reflect on the role of adults as advocates and how best to deliver effective advocacy that protects and promotes play.


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