Sandi Phoenix

Company Director, Phoenix Support

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Sandi is the founding company director and Principal Facilitator at Phoenix Support. Her framework, The Phoenix Cups, have not only revolutionised how educators work with children’s behaviour, but how teams view each other’s behaviour. The approach provides a framework of how to understand and respond positively to differences and conflict. The Phoenix Cups adds a new perspective to understanding each other and learning to work and live in harmony together. Sandi is highly regarded nationwide as a speaker, coach, mentor and Professional Development Facilitator for the education and care sector.

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Sandi Phoenix was a tour leader for Education at the Childhood Summit 2019 event with,


Early childhood learning


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Childhood In Action

Early Childhood Tour

This intimate tour will focus on examples, connections, and conversations about providing a child-centric early learning program. 

Participants will: 

  • Be immersed in two different examples of excellence in early childhood programs;

  • Have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss child-centric practices with the owners of both of the early learning settings;

  • Be inspired with practical, sustainable, and do-able examples of how to effectively resource and co-construct an early learning program with and for children.

This tour is specifically designed for early childhood educators and leaders. Approved providers and nominated supervisors who are focused on creating an early learning service with a difference should also not miss this unique opportunity. 

Tour led by Sandi Phoenix, Principal Facilitator at Phoenix Support for Educators.