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Playworker and Play Advocate

As a playworker and play advocate, Angus Gorrie is passionate about providing authentic play opportunities for children, wherever they may be, and pushing back against increased play deprivation and play bias. Angus has qualifications in Behavioural and Social Sciences, and Playwork. He also spends his day as a practitioner working in a large Adventure Playground. It is this experience and the stories that come with working in a practical setting, combined with the theory and knowledge of study that shapes and guides Angus's perspectives and points of view.

Workshop Title: Understanding & Supporting A Ludic Ecology.

This workshop will unpack both theory and practical ways to support the ludic ecology of your space. Ludic Ecology is sometimes over simplified as a way of saying "Play Space", however it is so much more than that. We will analyse space and environment considering factors such as liminality, neofilia, psychogeography as well unpack ideas such as forensic playwork, critical cartography, how children interact with space, and how space interacts with children. A combination of these ideas, concepts and practical skills will ensure as practitioners we are able to facilitate the best possible space conducive to supporting play and flow

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