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Early Childhood Teacher & Mum

Areta Farrance is a mum, teacher, artist and proud Logan local.

From a young age Areta knew she wanted to be an educator and help improve the lives of young children. After completing her Bachelor with honours in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Melbourne, Areta commenced teaching in kindergartens and long day care centres in both Victoria and Internationally.

To broaden her skills she decided to complete her Certificate IV in training and assessment and went on to deliver the Diploma of ECEC at University of Swinburne in 2014.

Growing up in the bush meant Areta valued how much nature offers us in learning, healing and growth - and in creating the environmental stewards of the future. Always searching for a challenge, and ways to get outdoors, Areta founded the bush kindergarten program at Batman Park Kindergarten on the banks of the Merri Creek in Northcote.

Since moving to Queensland with her husband and 2 children in 2019, Areta has joined the Logan Together movement as the Senior Early Years Champion and is based at the Kingston East Neighbourhood Group.

Areta enjoys her role in supporting parents and carers in finding quality early years services in Logan.

Keynote title: "You don't know what you've got till it's gone"

Areta will be talking about her experience of being a mum in Logan lockdown as she reflects on the industrial growth of Melbourne's suburbs. Areta wishes to share how important she believes activating community spaces as play opportunities for children is, particularly in nature, and how Logan is so lucky to have this in abundance.

"We need to put these spaces on the map as an option for play and use them so they don't get taken away"

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