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Early Childhood Teacher, Approved Provider and Pedagogical Leader

Carrie has over 30 years as an early childhood educator. Her service Rosie’s has been awarded ‘Excellent’ rating from the national accreditation body ACECQA in both 2016 and again in 2019 placing Rosie's in only 13 services nationally to be awarded this quality level in succession. Carrie is a member of the national Thrive By Five advisory group.

Committed to the community of Logan, Queensland Carrie strives for better outcomes for young children. Carrie is a skilled practitioner who highly values children’s voice, and has had plenty of experience consulting with young children. Carrie’s work has been used in the development of the Logan Children’s Charter. Carrie believes Play is a child’s unique way to learn about their world. It is also a means of expressing knowledge from previous experience. Play is a critical learning tool for children to develop all the necessary skills for life. 

Keynote Title: Children under 5 have something to say - with Rosie's Early Learning Centre Children

This panel session will be with children under 5 years. Yes you read that correct under 5. Carrie Rose will be engaging a group of under 5 year old children in a conversation about what is important to them about where they live. When very young children are given the opportunity to express themselves it develops a foundation of value for all citizens. These children are the voice of honesty, practicality and simpleness. Understanding the importance of children developing a sense of belonging to different communities, being present in the current moment, and enjoying being a child as they become more confident can never be underestimated in the positive outcomes it delivers for them but also for their community.

Workshop Title: Children as Influencers – Carrie Rose

A strong focus in community partnership ignited a pedagogical research focus for the educators and children at Rosie's Early Learning. Documenting children’s perceptions of how ‘Rights’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Citizenship’ interconnects identified powerful undertones and demonstrated the children’s knowledge in the importance of respect and diversity. This work leveraged from the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, Professor Carla Rinaldi’s (Reggio) work in South Australia on ‘Re-imagining Childhood’ and National Children's Commissioner’s Children’s Rights Report for Australian Children by Megan Mitchell.

The pedagogical approach was underpinned by rich, meaningful enquiry based intentional teaching to unpack the children’s understanding of the impact they could have within their community. This approach deepened the children’s critical thinking and ownership of their learning outcomes. Critical to engaging children in real life experiences is the genuineness of the experience and the potential outcome. To engage the children in real life citizenship the educators were determined to create an impact with children’s ideas and voice gaining momentum outside the walls of Rosie's.

The research focus on 'loneliness in community' constructed an array of ideas and strategies. This presentation will share the ‘Affirmation Card Project’ by the 4 year old children writing their own affirmation to help lonely people in Logan feel happier. In partnership with Logan Council these cards were created and delivered to many groups and Logan citizens.

Children’s under 5 often are dismissed as not having the competency to contribute solutions to society’s issues, however my experience has been one where children’s solutions, albeit simple, have validity and purpose.

As the creator of the ROSE Way Planning framework Carrie has developed a framework of inquiry based pedagogy  to deliver quality educational outcomes for young children.  This research based pedagogy framework intertwines  an inquiry based approach to the planning and fusing this with the children’s emerging play ideas.  

Carrie is a part of a research study ‘Exemplary Early Childhood Educators at Work.’ Exemplary Early Childhood Educators at Work is a three year study of what it is great early childhood educators do across Australia. This study includes researchers from Charles Sturt University, Queensland University of Technology and Rutgers University (United States).

Professionally Carrie has engaged in two study tours to the Schools of Reggio Emilia (Italy) in 2000 & 2012. She shares the work of her centre at many conferences both domestically and internationally. 2017 saw her present ‘Children as Citizens’ at ‘The Future of Education’ in Florence, Italy and travel to the ‘Harlem Children’s Zone’ in New York City to research Geoffrey Canada’s work. In 2019 she presented further research and work at the ‘Play on Education’ conference in Athens, Greece on ‘Children’s Rights as Citizens’.

Carrie is not afraid to tackle the difficult challenges, which are faced by children and young people. Carrie’s energy and wacky sense of humour, enables her to think creatively and accomplish exceptional outcomes.

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