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Play Advocates

Curious Me was founded in 2018 by sister duo, Kaycee and Angie.

With almost 15 years of Early Childhood Education experience, Kaycee sets the benchmark for play based learning experiences. With many finding it hard to believe that Angie spent a decade inside and behind a screen, with a background in Business Development and Customer Success. Together, they consider themselves a dream team, complimenting each other's strengths.

Self proclaimed everything play advocates, these two are on a mission to showcase that play can be easy, accessible and economical, while enriching and engaging.

Workshop Title: Play Provocations

Come play with a range of ingredients, sensory bases, loose parts, etc. and some tuff trays. Delegates will create a range of "invitations to play" and "play provocations". Our focus is on genuine unstructured play, less saying no and more trusting children to explore.

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Hyahno Workshop
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