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Youth Member for Logan

Elena was the 2021 Youth Member for Logan in the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament. Her portfolio passed a Youth Bill 71 to 5. After working on it alongside their portfolio for 6 months, the final bill criminalises coercive control, and reforms current legislation about domestic violence to implement a nuanced approach. They specifically worked on Part 3: Education and Part 4: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-Specific Response. This Youth Act will now be considered by Queensland Parliament.

She is studying a Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours), whilst also working as a bailiff in the Brisbane Supreme and District Courts. They also hold a strong passion for theatre and has written, produced and performed in multiple shows throughout the last three years. She has specific training in multiple styles of theatre; including, Theatre of the Absurd, Butoh and Epic Theatre.

Elena believes firmly in the importance of play, imagination and creativity at all stages of life. Adults should engage in play and fun just as much as children do; it is a valuable tool for learning. Elena is adamant that children and young people offer valuable perspectives and should be given the space to have their voices listened to. Play can help adults to do so.

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