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Child Voice Speaker

Ewan is 11 years old (turns 12 on the Summit Weekend 24/6), has a big brother Hudson and a younger sister Georgia, Mum and Dad and a beautiful lazy dog called Matilda who he adores. He is a school leader at his primary school, Springwood Road State School, which he is very proud of.

Ewan loves playing sports, such as mountain biking in Daisy Hill forest with his Dad and brother, playing basketball with his neighbours, but his favourite sport is playing rugby Union in which he represented the Logan district recently. Ewan also loves music, playing the guitar and going camping. What he loves most about camping is having freedom in a safe setting to explore, build friendships and try new things.

This is why Ewan wanted to be involved with the Summit to help other children have that same experience. Ewan is excited to build a positive space for all children to feel welcome and come together to build a better community.

Watch my Childhood Summit video here!

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