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International researcher, play advocate and antireductionist

Dr Gregor (Greg) H. Mews – Director of the Australian Institute of Play
Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, Founder of Urban Synergies Group, Adjunct Prof. Health Research Institute, University of Canberra, Full member of the Planning Institute of Australia (MPIA) & former Vice-President and Advocacy lead, Member of ISOCARP (International Society of City and Regional Planners) Urban Health Community of Practice, Advisor to the Board – Dreamtown, Denmark, Council Board Member- City Space Architecture, Italy, Scientific Board Member- Research into Action at The Journal for Public Space, Steering Committee Member, UN-Habitat- World Urban Campaign, Kenya, Chief- Investigator, QUT Design Lab and Certified Playground Inspector, TÜF SÜD, Germany.

Greg was born and raised in Germany and has dedicated his life to better understand and create conditions that enable healthier environments around the world. Greg has gained valuable first-hand experience living and working in a large number of countries across the globe. He delights in seeing what kind of spaces evolve when communities actively engage in play.

Greg believes that every human-being should have the chance to experience the best possible start to a way of life that is filled with nurturing conditions. His personal virtuosity derives from gratitude to his ancestors and community members that have enabled conditions for his life energy to be of use to others around him. Greg chooses to embrace positivity, openness, respect, and optimism with every encounter.

Greg is a Lecturer and Study Area Coordinator for Landscape Architecture, Queensland University of Technology, where he lectures undergraduates and postgraduates, teaching in Landscape Architecture, including Design Studio and Theory Units. He previously taught at Yale University (USA), University of Kassel (Germany), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), and University of Canberra (Australia).

Previously Greg founded the award winning Urban Synergies Group (USG), Australia. Key outputs of USG include the Child-friendly environments initiative in Vietnam including knowledge transfer events and keynote presentation to stakeholders; facilitation of interdisciplinary stakeholders to enable pathways of climate resilient communities related to play, transport, local food security and energy conservation in Mexico; shaping spaces for GenZ imitative in Australia- including an organisation and contribution to three Urban Thinkers Campuses; related to evidence-based approaches to healthy childhood and play; delivery of a two year long integral project (space making, research and capacity building) to improve youth wellbeing in urban Sierra Leone through play and public space interventions and Advocacy for health and wellbeing in urban systems at UN-level including high profile engagement at Habitat III conference, in Quito, Equator, 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur and 10th World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi.

Greg is an art lover with an endless curiosity for life-enhancing processes and play. He loves to spend time outdoors, exploring with his wife and Amadeus, the pug.

Workshop Title: Transforming Public Space through Play

In the pursuit of the increased liveability of cities, public spaces are often subject to targeted design interventions that are based on instrumental functions and amenity. However, amenity prioritises only some types of uses through design for certain needs or desires. During this special training sessions participants will have the chance to learn about a novel urban analysis method called CITY PLAY-framework. This framework takes advantage of the full complexity of human behaviour in relation to play activities in space. With this framework urbanists can gain a deep understanding of specific public spaces in urban core area with their dynamic qualities as part of public life studies. The presenter will explain the development process of the framework and demonstrates its application on practical exemplar cases in the international context. If you wish to create not just “liveable” but “lovable” urban places for all this is a session you don’t want to miss.

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