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Child Voice Speaker

My name is Jackson Lewis, I'm 10 years old and I was born in Brisbane.

I currently go to Woodridge North State School. I grew up always wanting to be outside, especially if I could climb trees and get dirty. My interests and hobbies are acting, writing, gaming, drawing and creating my own books, comics or short films. I like being able to express myself and my ideas through writing and performing. One day I'd like to be a director and write movies for famous people.

For my speech, I want to talk about the good things of technology when taught properly. The future is getting more and more tech and I feel that due to that, our education system needs to educate the children on the importance of safety and discipline with technology and to know what happens behind the scenes, so that it can be fun for everyone. And so there can be a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor play.

Watch my Childhood Summit video here!

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