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Child Voice Speaker

My name is Jemma Matheson, I am a year 9 student attending Yarrabilba State Secondary College. I am discovering my passions and what I’m interested in, one of which is horse riding. Horse riding is a hobby I take pride in, but so is sticking up for my beliefs.
I want to speak about how the general parenting styles practised within our generation is causing a detrimental impact within children. I intend to convince parents to change the way they treat their children so that they can have a chance at living with less stress, and a better role model. I want to stop the intergenerational trauma inflicted on this generation so it doesn’t carry on to the next.

I want to speak at the 2023 Childhood Summit because I believe it is important for a child’s voice to be heard. Children are often overlooked and under-appreciated for their own opinions. This topic, however, is something that is important to me because this is something grown ups can’t answer. For once the attention goes to the children and I want to spread my message to the world.

Watch my Childhood Summit video here!

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