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Emerging Playworker and Social Justice Advocate

Jordan believes that in Australia, children are often ignored as active members of society. This has resulted in consequences which heavily influence happy and healthy childhood development. She is passionate about protecting and supporting the right of children to be seen, heard and play.

Jordan has been working in the not-for-profit sector for over five years and found her place in the childhood space more recently. She is equipped with a diverse and deep understanding of many theoretical underpinnings which create valuable frameworks for the work she does. Growing up in Logan, she often draws upon her own childhood experiences to provide relevant context in her work. Youth, energy and sheer stubbornness is clearly demonstrated with her action orientated nature.

To date Jordan has organised, managed, and contributed to many play opportunities for children and families in Logan. In 2020 Jordan was a key supporter and co-reporter on a child’s voice consultation in Eagleby. This report captured the voices from 36 local children, and has been shared with Logan schools, Logan City Council, the Logan Together Movement and organisations which are responsible for influencing play opportunities across government and community sectors.

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