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Child Voice Speaker

Hello, I'm Kevin Elson – a cheerful Logan resident, and currently a school captain of Kimberley Park State School. I'm a self-driven, determined learner who believes in the power of a positive attitude and hard work. I'm not afraid of failure and always get back up to try again.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and learning three different musical instruments, and I'm particularly thrilled with my progress in Math, robotics, and STEM subjects at school. I'm an avid reader, and I enjoy expressing my creativity through casual writing.

Additionally, I have a passion for gaming and have taught myself how to code games using Python and Unity. I'm constantly seeking out new challenges and opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge

Speaking at the Childhood Summit is a great opportunity to boost my confidence, and practice critical thinking skills.

I'd also like to think that my speech would play an important role in shaping the world for the better, and to motivate grown ups to think what really matter for us, to make a change with and for us.

It's also a chance to influence my peers.
I know I won’t change the world with my speech, but I really hope I can easily impact someone in some small way.

Lead the Change: How YOU can help us make a difference and create a brighter tomorrow!
Key areas Kevin will be addressing: Introduction, Directionless, Discipline, Communication, Encouragement, Positive Examples, Making Decisions

Watch my Childhood Summit video here!

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