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Founder of Wearthy and qualified Outdoor Educator.

Lukas Ritson is the founder of Wearthy, a company that has been changing the mindset of play since 2013.
Wearthy are proud creators of sustainable leisure and education environments that deliver a fully integrated network of play, learning and support for children, that positively impacts educators, families and communities.

Lukas’ work has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of children Australia-wide.
Keeping children curious, creative and confident through offering them a playful and adventurous childhood is the principle that elevates Lukas’s play environments.
His innovative playground concepts emphasise sustainable, quality materials, as they create a healthy stage for limitless learning opportunities.

Lukas believes that play should be a holistic experience for children - one that fosters connection, encourages resilience, and cultivates compassion.

His design philosophy is aligned to play-based learning and incorporates elements of beneficial risk with expert consideration for NQS, EYLF and OH&S.

In becoming a qualified Outdoor Educator, Lukas quickly realised nature's power and potential in early childhood development and his designs prioritise natural elements as the valuable resources they are.
Lukas has collaborated with childcare centres, schools, community nature-based events, and also presented keynote talks on the importance of play in Finland, the United States, across Australia and on the TEDx stage.

Keynote talk title: How to raise resilient children in a risk averse world

Children today are spending less and less time exploring the great outdoors. How can we create outdoor environments that both excite children and enhance their development? In this motivational and interactive keynote presentation, Lukas Ritson extends on his popular TEDx talk about how you can nurture children’s connection with nature and engage with your community to create more courageous play.

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