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Mum, Community hub worker and Neighbourhood Play Champion

I am a child and family practitioner and an advocate for play. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Child & Family Studies, , future Play worker, Neighbourhood Play Champion, mother of two & a chicken lover! I grew up moving regularly all around Australia, but spent most of my childhood living in and around Bundaberg. Growing up in a rural area I had the affordance of beautiful nature all around. Beaches, rock pools, sand dunes, camping grounds & children playing everywhere. These are the experiences I wanted my children to have, but living in a large city and the current world events, these are not so accessible. Working at an early intervention & prevention community centre, The Family Place, highlighted the value of but limited opportunities children have for free unstructured play. I am passionate about supporting children to voice their opinions about what they need to make play accessible EVERYDAY!

Workshop title: The Sanctuary of the Neighbourhood, Creating Neighbourhoods for Play - Australian Institute of Play & Woodridge Neighbourhood Play Champion
Michelle Christensen and Hyahno Moser

To children the neighbourhood can be a precious space, a space of significant value in the context of their immediate worlds. What does this mean? Why is this important? This workshop will unpack the amazing outcomes for children and adults who explore the simple and powerful steps to revitalising neighbourhoods as places to play and the rewarding art of being a good

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