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Wife, Mum and founder of Mums n' Bubs Logan

Nat Millar, wife and mother of 4, established Mums n' Bubs Logan 12 years ago.
What started with a simple online post by Nat seeking other local mums to meet up with her and her baby at the local park, has grown into the largest Mother’s Group in QLD, with now more than 20,000 mothers coming together to offer support, humour and advice.
Nat’s main drive and focus for Mums n Bubs Logan was to build a ‘connected community’- one where women feel safe, cared for, uplifted, empowered and understood, where they can be the best parent they can be.

Nat manages this 24/7 community of women supporting women via a closed Facebook group and is the sole facilitator of an enormous online help and support form which helps to keep women of all ages feel supported and connected across the community.
Nat also runs inclusive playgroups each week, where parents and carers of all ages are encouraged to bring their children to play while adults connect and socialise.
Nat sees firsthand the power of play at these playgroups where 50+ parents and their children attend regularly.

Nat Millar will be presenting on “How Play Supports Parenting” and will share with delegates how in her experience, the simple act of PLAY can benefit not only our little ones but parents as well.
Nat also works at Logan Together as a Lead Online Community Connector, sharing insights and community voice from Mums n’ Bubs Logan to better support the lives of parents and children in the Logan area.
Nat and the Mum n' Bubs Logan community are powerful advocates for the power of play and Nat is committed to helping Logan transform into Australia’s most PLAYful city.

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