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Child Voice Speaker

Hello, my name is Shylee Early, I attend Yarrabilba State Secondary College and will be turning 14 very soon, I live at home with my mum, stepdad (and some pet birds and scorpions!) and my friends regularly call me funny and outgoing.
The reason I chose to apply to Children's Voice is because there are a lot of other young people out there, who struggle with mental health. When it was announced that our school would be participating, I saw a lot of people who were telling their friends how they would apply for the money. I knew that these people wouldn't put in the effort for this. But I also saw all the people who wanted to apply but were too scared to. I was frightened too, but I realised that this is all for a good cause and that I would be helping so many people, and I suddenly wasn't scared, but I was eager to get my message out because I knew that I, one individual who stepped up to the challenge, could help so many others. But I'm definitely not doing this alone. I would like to thank everyone who is working to help young Australians. You're making a huge impact on our lives!

Watch my Childhood Summit video here!

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