Todd Ada

Service Manager, Camp Hill OSHC

Todd Ada - Todd Ada is the Service Manager at Camp Hill Outside School Hours Care and has worked within the Childcare and School Age Care industry for over 10 years. Todd completed his Bachelors of Education Degree in Primary and Middle School in 2007 and has worked as a Manager of Camp Hill OSHC since 2009. He is also currently studying a certificate in Playwork and is passionate about children's development and growth and the important role that play has in developing the wholistic child. As a Service Manager and Nominated Supervisor of the service, Todd understands the many complexities of the industry and the barriers that we all face but is excited with the way he sees the industry heading.

Todd Ada held a childhood in action tour for Education at the Childhood Summit 2019 event,


Outside School Hours Care


Todd Ada has some questions for you.


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Childhood In Action

Outside School Hour Care with Izzy Tuetta

Come along and explore, discuss, and question Playwork and loose parts philosophy’s. This stop on the tour will help and inspire Primary School Age Educators to look at exploring loose parts, Playwork philosophy and nature play opportunities in an OSHC setting.
Participants will:

  • Watch an 11 minute documentary of the service that showcases playwork and loose parts in action

  • PowerPoint Presentation that dives deeper into Playwork and loose parts philosophy and shares the services journey with its successes and their many challenges.

  • Have an open and honest Q&A session. 

  • Tour of the outdoor play space led by Todd Ada, Service Manager for Camp Hill OSHC and Izzy Tueta, Assistant Programming Manager and Service Playworker.

Total Participants: 30max