Vicki Hyne

Primary Principal, Education Queensland

Vicki Hyne is a primary principal with Education Queensland, based at Moorooka State School. She is passionate about ensuring all students are provided with a holistic education that includes multiple opportunities to experience and demonstrate curriculum knowledge through collaborative inquiry and outdoor learning challenges.

Vicki has been working closely with Nature Play Qld for the past year to lead an outdoor learning agenda that incorporates risk-benefit play and alternate pedagogical approaches.

Current risk-benefit play initiatives include cubby building, ‘loose parts’ play, tree climbing and water play. Vicki is also working to embed flexible pedagogies that teach the Australian Curriculum with a particular emphasis on inquiry learning through the General Capabilities.

Vicki has a background in international teaching having worked in the UK, Egypt, Brunei (Singapore system), Melbourne and finally Queensland. She has worked as a leader in special education for 15 years and, following the completion of her Masters of Educational Leadership, as a school leader for the last 6 years.

Childhood Summit 2019 Childhood In Practice - Workshop - Education -

Primary School

Day 1 Afternoon - Childhood In Action - Education - Outdoor Learning Primary with Anya Perkins

Day 2 & Day 3 Afternoon - Childhood In Practice - Workshop - Primary Education with Anya Perkins

Childhood In Practice

The future of STEAM is outdoors

Workshop with Anya Perkins

STEAM by definition, is hands on learning that applies to the world around us. What better way to discover, engage, invent and learn than out in the real world beyond the classroom?

People keep telling us that we have to prepare our students for the future, for jobs that haven’t been invented yet. At Moorooka State School we believe that our students can be successful in any future career path provided we give them multiple opportunities to demonstrate the values of Collaboration, Curiosity, Resilience and Growth through Challenge. Nature Play Qld mirror this philosophy through their outdoor learning inquiry stance.

Through this masterclass, in two parts, we will explore practical and inexpensive strategies to embed a whole school approach to taking STEAM subjects outdoors into your school grounds. In the first part you will unpack how outdoor learning aligns to the Australian Curriculum, participate in a carousel of hands on STEAM lessons outside of the conference venue and learn about risk-benefit play opportunities. In the second part we will collaborate with you to devise an achievable plan of action so that you can leave with a clear direction for your school’s improvement agenda. 

Attendees will also receive an Outdoor STEAM resource pack including; an adaptable Outdoor Learning Policy, STEAM challenge posters and ACARA mapped lesson plans.


Utilising the 5 E’s of Inquiry the masterclass activities will include:


Engage: Discover how QLD schools are bringing their STEAM subjects to life outside of the classroom in their school grounds, through a variety of case studies.

Explain: Learn the current researched benefits of children exploring STEAM subjects regularly outside of the classroom.


Explore: Explore a variety of practical and inexpensive outdoor STEAM lessons for Prep-6 (5-7 activities set up to 'play/test', with corresponding ACARA linked lesson plans)

Elaborate: Share experiences, further ideas and practice, in collaboration with other Principals.

Evaluate: Assess your school's current resources/priorities and devise an achievable 'next steps' action plan to begin to embed regular outdoor STEAM learning into your whole school practice. 

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