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What's Next - Workshop

The Childhood Summit is designed as an event to pause and listen to children. It is a chance for children to take to the stage and be heard, regarding their observations, concerns and solutions. After the Childhood Summit, the Australian Institute of Play hosted a workshop called, "What Next". An invite to this workshop was extended to all Childhood Summit attendees, as a chance to meet and discuss how adults can commit to helping the children from the Childhood Summit. This workshop would not be possible without ensuring children from the Childhood Summit are also present. 









Following the success of the Childhood Summit on the 23rd-24th of June, 2023, approximately 60 people came together to discuss What Next? In attendance were 15 Childhood Summit child keynote speakers and their family, representees from community led groups in Logan, State and Federal Government personnel, the Queensland Family and Child Commission Chief Executive and Principal Commissioner, Luke Twyford and six of his team, personnel from the Mental Health Commission and Griffith University academics and staff. The full report from the day can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

There were 6 areas of priority which were explored at this workshop, they are:

- Mental Health

- education reform (revolution)

- Play spaces and places to connect 

- Environment and pollution

- Bully and racism

- Healthy screen time use and quality time with family

Moving forward, the aim is to have group meetings for each of these priority areas to continue the efforts and influence change. The children of Logan are counting on Grown-ups to help them!

If you would like to be involved in the meetings moving forward, please email your details to


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