Child Keynote Speakers 


We asked Logan children to submit a video application, to deliver a message to grown-ups and promote what they want to say. We asked them:

  • What does it mean to be a young person in Australia? What are your concerns?

  • As a child growing up in this modern world, what is important to you in your neighbourhood?

  • If you could be the ‘Change-Maker’ what would you change?

  • Are there things you see you are not happy about? Do you need help?

  • If you could make changes to your neighbourhood, or community, or school, or your environment, what would you suggest?

  • Children and Play: Tell us about the way today’s children play?


We had over 20 interested children who were enthusiastic and passionate about having their voices heard. We couldn't offer every child a spot, but we have adjusted our program to allow more children the space to speak. 

We'd like to offer a huge congratulations to the children who are able to speak at the Summit this year, and are working hard to contact them before we announce their names publicly. 

Thank you to every single child who entered their thoughts, we have heard you and we are committed to ensuring your ideas, thoughts and concerns are heard by people who can make the changes. 

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