Children from Logan... We need to hear what is important to you! 


Help us shape the communities you need.


Send a two minute video telling us what you want to say. 

The stage is set and we have created a platform for your voice to be heard.



We hope to better understand:

  • What does it mean to be a young person in Australia? What are your concerns?

  • As a child growing up in this modern world, what is important to you in your neighbourhood?

  • If you could be the ‘Change-Maker’ what would you change?

  • Are there things you see you are not happy about? Do you need help?

  • If you could make changes to your neighbourhood, or community, or school, or your environment, what would you suggest?

  • Children and Play: Tell us about the way today’s children play?


We are worried that us grown-ups might be changing all the best parts of being a child, like - being able to connect with friends in real life, being able to play without adults, explore your neighbourhoods, being free, being adventurous, challenging yourselves, having fun, being independent, being confident, feeling safe in your community and have great connection to the natural world.

How are we doing?

What would you like to tell us? 

We would like to hear directly from you. Young people from the Logan area (5 to 14 years or younger). Your videos will be used to deliver a message to grown-ups and promote what you want to say. Nine of you will be the chosen to be ‘The voice of childhood’ and represent children in Australia at the National Childhood Summit on the morning of either October 28, 29 or 30. Applications close 9AM Friday 30 August 2021.

The young persons selected to be the ‘Voice of Childhood’ will receive:

  • Opportunity to deliver a 10min presentation at the Childhood Summit in Logan to an audience of up to 500 very interested grown-ups who work with children.

  • Video recording of your presentation to keep

  • Speaker’s fee of $200.


This is your chance to say what is important to you and, have your voice heard.