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2023 Imaginasium Play Festival

This super fun, multi day Play Festival is run as part of the 2023 Childhood Summit. The Play Festival is free for the community and many organisations have donated their services in the name of PLAY FOR CHILDREN, in support of all the benefits children get from this super fun activity. 

The Childhood Summit 2023 exists is a dedicated platform to hear the voice of children, bringing together children, thought leaders, gatekeepers, key influencers and practitioners across the community at large. This event contributes to the national conversation and movement towards actions that will protect our children’s overall health, wellbeing, life satisfaction and our planet. 

Running tangentially to the Summit each year, there is an opportunity for children to access high quality play. Including activities such as a pop-up Loose Parts Play installation First Nations/Aboriginal, Māori & Pasifika play-based activities. 


Some of these activities require bookings to attend, please keep reading to find out more! 

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General Program

Bookings required

No bookings required

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Imaginasium Loose Parts Play

Sessions9:30-11:00AM, 12:30PM- 2:00PM and 3:00-4:30PM, Friday & Saturday

Loose Parts provide opportunities for unstructured, child-led play: they can be used in endless play scenarios with no specific set of directions, enabling children to manipulate and combine a variety of elements to help their play spaces and roles evolve to meet their purposes, needs and ideas.



Bush Kindy with Areta
9:30-11:30AM Friday & Saturday

With families and children of all ages playing with a range of natural materials, craft, music, movement and song. Using all 5 senses, participants will immerse themselves in nature play to learn, explore, investigate, create and relax in amongst the trees and wildlife. 

Sessions9:30-11:00AM, 12:30PM- 2:00PM and 3:00-4:30PM, Friday & Saturday

Time to Play!. Join Curious Me for a whole heap of fun. Curious Me incorporate the best elements of child-led sensory play, messy play, risky play, loose parts play, nature play and more! Giving your little explorer a play based learning experience like no other

First 5 Forever
9:30-11:30AM Friday & Saturday

Logan Libraries First 5 Forever team are offering an outdoor interactive play space for families with young children. 

Explore and play in the sensory fun zone , share a story together and find our about all the incredible free library services and programs on offer for the whole community.


Inspiration Gallery

8:00AM-5PM, Friday & Saturday, Friday & Saturday

A regular and popular Childhood Summit feature, this gallery is populated with efforts of local people in Logan - working hard to ensure the voice of children in heard. The Inspiration Gallery is a collection of stories and photos from all across different sectors working in Logan, including schools, childcares, playground designers, community spaces and more! Each has their own story to tell, some with challenges - and all ending in triumph! Maybe one of these boards will inspire you? This gallery is open all day, with optimal viewing time being lunch, as a couple boards might have special guests with them, eager to engage with other passionate people. 



Tui N Friends

12:00-12:30PM, Saturday 

Tui n friends is a music and movement program with a Pacific twist for young children and their families. All our facilitators are of Pacific descent and bring with them a heart to share their beautiful cultures through connection and singing, dancing and storytelling. Tui n friends provides families with a fun and safe space to interact, to increase confidence to use music and play at home, and to learn new ways to support child development. Our ultimate aim at Tui n friends is to bring joy to every child, family and community. We hope to see you at our sessions.


Gunya Meta 

Established in 2011, Gunya Meta Inc is a non-profit organisation that focuses on serving the needs of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families in Logan. Join Gunya Meta at the Imaginasium Festival and try Trad Games.


Mozzy Foundation

Saturday 12.00pm to 4.30pm 

  • Poi making workshop 
    Poi (a ball on the end of string) it’s used to beat the palm and back of the hand to create beats and rhythm. These movements are intertwined with waiata or song to tell stories of our ancestors. 
    Children and attendees will have the opportunity to make their own poi and learn about the history of poi and where this art form comes from. 

  • Raranga (weaving) workshop 
    Traditionally we used flax fibre to make our traditional clothing by harvesting, preparing and making traditional garments, bags, head pieces, cloaks. Not only will you learn about the basics of weaving but you will also get the chance to see some traditional clothing of the Māori people 
    You will have the opportunity to create a small woven piece to take home with you. Poi making and spear dancing 

No Booking Required
No Booking Required
No Booking Required
No Booking Required
No Booking Required
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