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Child Voice Speaker

Rem is an 11 year old Malaysian and Burmese student at Berrinba East State School. She moved to Australia in 2015 with her family which included her parents and siblings. Rem has 3 siblings; one older brother and two younger sisters. She is currently a class representative in the Student Leaders Team at school and is very passionate about helping her school and community. Rem enjoys drawing, helping out her mother at home and most of all loves playing volleyball and swimming.

Before moving to Australia, life was much more difficult for Rem. When her family first lived in Burma, they were chased out by police violence. They then moved to Malaysia where Rem’s mother and brother both required frequent medical assistance. Her dad had to work three jobs just to be able to afford food and living expenses. With support from her Uncle, Rem’s family was given the money to be able to move to Australia so that they could have a better life.

Rem constantly experiences being stereotyped in her everyday life based on her gender, appearance and nationality. At times, she feels like this limits her potential. Adults and students make comments that make Rem uncomfortable, but if they took the time to listen this could be changed. Rem speaks passionately about this personal problem and wants to be able to share this on behalf of all kids who might have the same feelings or experience the same things.

Watch my Childhood Summit video here!

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